The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Millennia Designs: Egyptian Sacred Eye Tapestry Kit

The design for this kit is based on a pectoral (chest ornament) found on the body of the Pharoah Tutankhamen in which the 'Eye of Re' is made from glass-paste and gold cloisonne. Although Tutankhamen is believed to have died in 1343BC during the eighteenth dynasty, this object may well have been made and worn prior to his death. The original pectoral is housed in Cairo Museum, Egypt.
Millennia Designs Egyptian Sacred Eye Tapestry Kit

Millennia Designs Egyptian Sacred Eye Tapestry Kit

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Approx US$ 105.95


The kit uses Anchor tapestry wool on 10hpi canvas and measures 17 x 15 ins (44 x 38cm) suitable for a pillow or cushion.
Contents: Zweigart printed tapestry canvas, tapestry wool, needle and instructions.






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