The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Animal Fayre: Tree of Life Tapestry Kit

This outstanding, richly coloured wallhanging is sewn using wool and metallic threads. Semi-precious gem beads are sewn onto the finished work to give the tapestry a different dimension. The design depicts a gold tree with several spiralling branches. Every branch represents a different type of tree with the relevant fruits on it. There are butterflies, dragonflies and bees dancing throughout the design. A peacock sits on the top branches, a salmon leaps from swirling waves to pick a hazelnut and the phoenix rises from the flames.
Animal Fayre Tree of Life Tapestry Kit

Animal Fayre Tree of Life Tapestry Kit

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The kit uses Anchor tapestry wool and metallic threads with semi-precious stones. It is worked on 10hpi canvas and measures 23" x 29" (57.5 x 73.75cm) suitable for a wallhanging.
Contents: Canvas, wool, semi-precious stones, black and white symbol chart, full illustrated instructions and two tapestry needles and a beading needle.


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