The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Poppies & Carnations

A fabulous floral design featuring poppies and carnations suitable for use as a large cushion or as a stooltop or firescreen.
Beverley Trammed Tapestry: Poppies & Carnations

Beverley Trammed Tapestry: Poppies & Carnations

£157.50 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 204.75


The design is trammed on 10hpi canvas and measures 17" x 13¾" (on canvas 26" x 23"). Wool is included for the design area only, purchase tapestry wool in the background colour of your choice separately. (Code 76203)
Contents: Trammed tapestry canvas and wool for design area.


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