The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Floor Standing Tapestry Frames

Traditional wooden 'stitch-on' rotating frames are still the best for tapestry. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your design.

Floor standing rotating tapestry frame

Unfortunately. due to the high cost of international postage we can only supply needlework frames to UK customers.

Tapestry Floor Frame 61cm


52.50 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 68.25


Tapestry Floor Frame 68cm


53.50 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 69.55


Tapestry Floor Frame 76cm


55.50 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 72.15


Tapestry Floor Frame 91cm


56.50 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 73.45

Nut Tightener Twizzler

Nut Tightener Twizzler


2.95 inc. VAT (sales tax)

Approx US$ 3.84

A helpful little tool to make tightening the wing nuts on your frame a breeze.




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The Tapestry Kit Collection brings you the best kits from all the top British tapestry designers