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If you don't have time to browse our extensive range of tapestry kits here are the best sellers from across the collection.

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Carpe Diem tapestry kit
The Purple Tree Cottage Tapestry Kits
Jolly Red Pop Art Puppies and Pop Art Pigs Tapestry Kits
Little Hearts Patchwork tapestry bag kit
Kirk and Hamilton Tapestry Kits - Doggies & Moggies
The Historical Sampler Company - 'A to Z' Tapestry Kit
Beetroot tapestry kit
New England Needle Collection - Shaker Patchwork Flowers Tapestry Kit
Glorafilia Bayeux Tapestry Kits
Kirk and Hamilton Tapestry Kits - Pop Art Scotty Dogs
'Narcissi and Daffodils' tapestry kit
Glorafilia Swans Tapestry Kits

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