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Beverley Needlepoint have a range of traditional trammed tapestries that are second to none with fabulous medieval, Jacobean, 18th century 'Chippendale' and Victorian designs to suit any style of home.

All the trammed or tramé tapestry we sell is produced on the island of Maderia, home of trammed tapestry for hunderds of years, so you can be assured you will be getting only the very highest quality canvas to work. Tramé produced in Maderia is rigorously checked before being given approval for export by the Institute of Embroidery and Needlework based in the island's capital Funchal.

There are 14 shades of Beverley tapestry wool available for working the background to perfectly complement your Beverley tapestry design.

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Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Wild Birds
Beverley Tramé Tapestry Hedgerow Pictures
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Firescreen
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Still Life
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Large Fruit Designs
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Floral Chairseat Set
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Wildflowers & Petitpoint Bird
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Paintings
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Pink & Yellow Posies
Beverley Tramé Tapestry: Bellpulls and Draft Excluders
Beverley Tramé Tapestry:  Miniature Floral Designs
Beverley Tramé Tapestry:  Lilly of the Valley
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