The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Recommended Stitches



The stitches recommended by the manufacturers are shown below. In practice you can use any stitch you prefer although you may need to purchase additional wool. Click here for a glossary of tapestry stitches.

Tapestry Kits
Primavera tapestry Half Cross Stitch
Millennia Designs Half Cross Stitch
Jill Gordon tapestry Half Cross Stitch or Random Long Stitch
Fine Cell Work Continental Tent Stitch
Beth Russell's Designers Forum Continental Tent Stitch or Basket Weave Stitch
except Rugs: Victorian Cross Stitch
Elizabeth Bradley Victorian Cross Stitch
Animal Fayre Victorian Cross Stitch
Bothy Threads Half Cross Stitch
Glorafilia tapestry Half Cross Stitch
Julia Hickman's Stitchery Continental Tent Stitch or Basket Weave Stitch
One Off tapestry Continental Tent Stitch
The Coleshill Collection Continental Tent Stitch
Jolly Red Continental Tent Stitch
Kirk & Hamilton Tapestry Kits Half Cross Stitch
The Purple Tree Half Cross Stitch
The Historical Sampler Company Half Cross Stitch or Continental Tent Stitch
Trammed Tapestry Canvases

Continental Tent Stitch
except Rugs: Basket Weave Stitch

Julia Hickman's Stitchery s Continental Tent Stitch or Basket Weave Stitch
Beverley Design: Half Cross Stitch
Background: Continental Tent Stitch or Basket Weave Stitch

Stitchery and Coleshill Collection canvaswork kits used a wide range of different stitches.

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The Tapestry Kit Collection brings you the best kits from all the top British tapestry designers